Nostalgic TV Gnews: The Buddy System

Last Saturday night, the 2 boys were playing video games, the 2 girls were baking chocolate chip cookies, while I was channel surfing. I couldn’t really find anything to watch on cable for some reason. The sports channel showed formula 1 and soccer, Btv showed playoff playback games, while my other “suki” channels like HBO, Star Movies, The History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery were showing docus that didn’t appeal to me. I turned to Fox Crime and they were showing previews of their shows like CSI, The Glades,Bones and Dexter among others. TV crime dramas have gone a long way. I miss the old buddy cops /crime fighters of my youth.  Where’s Ponch? Where’s Starsky?  Without fear of revealing my age, here are some buddy cop tv series I miss watching when I was growing up.

1.) CHiPS! (1977-83) The adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers . and starred Erik Estrada as macho, Officer Francis (“Frank”) “Ponch” Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as his serious partner, Officer Jonathan “Jon” Baker. Ponch is the “wild 1” getting into trouble, and would have many love interests. Baker is the family man, following things by the book, and more often than not ends up bailing out Ponchorello. They of course had a Captain who would always back them up. The show showcased exciting chase scenes that made being a highway patrolman glamorous. The series ran for over six seasons. Here in the Philippines, it was shown on Ch. 7, every Thursday at 7pm. Trivia found in the website revealed Jon and Ponch never once pulled a weapon on anyone during the entire series! Click here to watch the opening of the show.

CHiPS with Eric Estrada, Robert Pine and Larry Wilcox

CHiPS with Eric Estrada, Robert Pine and Larry Wilcox


Ponch and Baker

The cast of CHiPS

The cast of CHiPS

2.) Starsky and Hutch (1975-79) In typical buddy cop genre, one of them was a streetwise cop and the partner was the  calmer and worked by the book. Together, they fought crime of the streets for their (another stereotype) gruff captain who always chews them out but always counts on them to get the job done. This series was alsofamous for the vehicle the detectives used. The two cops rode on a red Gran Torino with a white stripe, the first time I saw cops not riding those big dark bulky cars. Their weapons were also not the typical snub nose police specials. Hutch was carrying around a .357 Magnum, while Starsky carried a .45 pistol. Starsky and Hutch often got street info from a snitch  called “Huggy Bear”  The show starred Paul Michael Glaser as Dave Starsky, David Soul as Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson and Antonio Fargas as Huggy Bear. The show ran for 4 seasons and was aired every Saturday at 7pm on Ch. 7 here in the Philippines. Click here to watch the opening title sequence

With the famous red Gran Torino

With the famous red Gran Torino

Note the fashion statements

Note the fashion statements

With the popular Huggy Bear

With the popular Huggy Bear

3.) Charlie’s Angels (1976-81) Not your typical police, as they were private investigators, Not really buddy-cops, more like in today’s parlance, BFF’s. BUT, Who cares? The opening  montage, “Once upon a time there were three little girls who went to the police academy. They were assigned very hazardous duties.” “But I took them away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie.”  (Cue music) Tananna,nananana…..Classic! This tv show,  was about three women who worked for Charlie, owner of the Townsend Detective Agency. Charlie would give them their assignments by telephone intercom every week. He  was never seen by the girls or by the viewers. Only his trusted assistant Bosley knew his real appearance. The Angels were brave, smart, skillful, beautiful, sexy women who fought criminals dressed in the occasional revealing outfits and bikinis. (Woohoo!) The show was a big hit and became so popular, that some of cast started demanding more money. But the producers would not budge, so cast changes were inevitable. The original cast was Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett -Majors and Jacklyn Smith. Fawcett was replaced later by Cheryl Ladd. Jackson also left to be replaced by Shelly Hack, who was later replaced  by Tanya Roberts. For us boys growing up, this was our “Baywatch.” The show ran for 5 jiggly seasons.  It was shown on Sunday Night at 8pm at Channel 7. Trivia found in the website revealed that Fawcett’s hairstyle became such a hit with Charlie’s Angels female viewers that a huge number of them changed to what became popularly known as “Farrah Fawcett Hairdos”. Click here to watch the opening title sequence of season 1, season 2 and 3 here. Season 4 here. Season 5 here.

The original Angels

The original Angels


The Angels with Bosley and Cheryl Ladd who replaced Farrah Fawcett in season 2

The Angels with Bosley and Cheryl Ladd  who replaced Farrah Fawcett in season 2

Shelley Hack replaced Kate Jackson

Shelley Hack (middle) replaced Kate Jackson

Tanya Roberts was the last addition to the cast. Jacklyn Smith was the last angel standing

Tanya Roberts was the last addition to the cast. Jacklyn Smith was the last angel standing.

4.) The Professionals (1977-83)  The show was a British crime series about two top  agents (not your typical American detectives)and their fight against terrorism and other serious crimes. It starred Martin Shaw as Doyle, Lewis Collins as Bodie and Gordon Jackson as their boss Cowley. They formed CI5  and used unconventional and brutal methods to beat criminals. In typical buddy cop genre, Doyle is the softer, compassionate one, while Bodie is ruthless and serious. I don’t remember seeing him smile, ever. In typical buddy cop mantra, Bodie and Doyle have a deep respect and friendship for each other despite having completely different personalities. (Doyle wears striped polos and sneakers while Bodie goes to work in a suit.) They are Ci5’s best agents. They will not hesitate to bend the rules to get the job done with their boss  chewing them out but at the same time depending on them. I liked watching this series as the British type of action is vastly different than that of the US. They fight scenes were more violent more brutal, while they dealt with extraordinary criminals and terrorism as well. Their opening theme song still resonates in my mind, and is one of my all time favorites. The show ran for 6 seasons and was shown on channel 7. I think it was 8pm every Thursdays. Click here for the opening title sequence.


Doyle, Bodie and Crowley of Ci5

Doyle, Bodie and Crowley of Ci5

Doyle and Bodie

Doyle and Bodie

5.) Miami Vice (1984-89) The show was about two cops working through the Miami Police Department’s Vice division. They regularly went after criminals dealing in prostitution, drugs and illegal firearms. The TV show was known for its modern fast-paced action and its soundtrack, not your typical tv music. The series starred Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Ricardo “Tubbs”. Edward James Olmos played their boss, who played it low key.  Unlike other cop bosses who would be shouting at his star policemen. He was calm and calculating, soft spoken. Quoted as, “The show that was written for an MTV audience, which was more interested in images, emotions and energy than plot and character.” Miami Vice was a different type of cop show. Being a cop was now cool, sports cars, fancy weapons, and fancier clothes.  The show was famous because of the clothes worn by the stars. The typical attire of Italian sport coat, pastel or light T-shirt, white linen pants, and no socks loafers made Don Johnson a superstar. In fact I think the whole Vice squad wore colorful outfits always.  The music of Jan Hammer, distinctive, synthesizer, instrumental music was another series staple. To this day I still have the Miami Vice soundtrack cd. This series influenced Pinoy’s clothes, the way they smoked, and music they listened to. The show ran for 5 seasons and could be seen Saturday Nights at Channel 7. Click here for the opening and closing montage.


Tubbs and Crockett

The cast of Miami Vice

The cast of Miami Vice


The cars, the clothes, the weapons, Miami Vice style.

6.) The Streets of San Francisco (1972-77)– From New Wave policemen, to old fashioned police detectives. The opening sequence was always classic 70’s. Theme music playing, cue voice over:” The Streets of San Fransico, A Quinn Martin Production. Starring Karl Malden, and Michael Douglas. Guest stars…. Tonight’s episode…..” I placed this one because this was my dads favorite show, and had all the requirements of a buddy cop type of show. This show featured a crafty old veteran policeman (Malden) and a young hotshot handsome partner in Douglas. They solved crime in, yup, the Streets of San Francisco. This series was par for the course during this era. Minimal action scenes, less violence, the occasional chasedown and shooting, but was mostly a procedural drama show as the leads relied on clues, and guile than brawn. The show lasted for 5 seasons. In it’s last season, Douglas was replaced by Richard Hatch. Here in the Philippines it was shown on Channel 9, Wednesdays I think. Click here for the opening sequence.


Classic 70’s ‘detective series

The hotshot cop with the grizzled vet. Note the snub nose"police special".38 revolver

The hotshot cop with the grizzled vet. Note the snub nose “police special”.38 revolver

Richard Hatch (middle) eventually replaced Douglas in the last season of the show.

Richard Hatch (middle) eventually replaced Douglas in the last season of the show.

7.) SWAT (1975-76) This tv show was about the missions of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics unit or  S.W.A.T. They are called in to deal with situations that are extremely, dangerous, that normal policemen cannot do and often include volatile hostage situations which made for highly explosive police action. Steve Forrest starred  as the unit’s leader, Lt. ‘Hondo’ Harrelson, and Rod Perry as Hondo’s second-in-command. The show also starred Robert Urich who would later star in other tv shows like Vegas  and Spencer For Hire, James Coleman was the team sniper,who wore his cap backwards when he was about to take a shot and Mark Shera was the youngest member and the teen heartthrobl as Officer Dominic Luca. This was  the first time I saw policemen using m-16 rifles, bulletproof vests and sniper rifles, quite a departure from small handguns and shotguns. The series is most famous for its opening theme song, which apparently became a number-one hit single in 1976. The memorable title sequence starts with a beeping signal, the squad rushing and  grabbing their weapons and running to their van. The show unfortunately ran for only 2 seasons and was shown on Channel 2 in the Philippines. Click here for the opening title sequence.


The team in action

The team in action

From top: Coleman, Perry, Shera, Urich and Forrest

From top: Coleman, Perry, Shera, Urich and Forrest

The popularity of these tv shows were tremendous, as posters,toys, lunchboxes, even boardgames were made available to the general public.

The famous Farrah poster that made her a superstar.

The famous Farrah poster that made her a superstar.


Despite the violent themes of the shows children gobbled up the merchandise.. You have to remember though that times then were different.  In fact some of these shows were made into movies.


I miss watching those tv shows.

Thanks to DVD though, I can still occasionally relive those great buddy moments.

(pictures taken from various places. Credit to the owners)


Potted Potter! The best way to spend 70 minutes.

I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books. Not a die hard one, but a casual fan who knows what a muggle is, or what snoggin’ means, or  where the Hogwarts express can be found.  I am a big fan of improv/stand up comedy. My favorite improv show is Who’s Line Is It Anyway?,hosted by Drew Carrey. I am also a big fan of Gabe Mercado and SPIT, or Silly Peoples Improv Theater.  My favorite stand up comics are Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and our very own Jokoy. What do you get when you mix improve/standup comedy and Harry Potter? Potted Potter!

Though not really an improv nor stand up show, it is a parody of the Harry Potter series of books. My son Zach and I were priveledged enough to watch opening night last night at RCBC theater. As we got to our seats . our attention was diverted to the stage which featured three covered pieces of stage sets, and one of the actors sitting in the corner, “reviewing”  one of the HP books. While waiting for the theatre to fill up, another man dressed in a black shirt was walking around welcoming, talking to the people in their seats. I quickly learned he was one of the actors also. He approached Zach and me and introduced himself as Jesse.  After some small talk, he mentioned that he was nervous. I told him Filipinos are quick to warm up and not to worry. I also volunteered Zach that if he needed a volunteer to call him. He replied by saying he just might do that.  He quickly shook our hands and we wished him luck.

That’s Gary on the left side “reviewing” before the start of the show


The fun started around 7:45pm and what fun it was! True to their word they went over the entire 7 books in over 70 minutes! Gary played the straight man to Jesse’s outrageous comments, characters and shenanigans. In Filipino vernacular, Jesse was Dolphy to Gary’s Panchito.

Jesse playing one of the characters to Gary’s Harry Potter

Without giving away too much, Gary,  played the part of Harry Potter 90% of the time. The other 10%, well you have to watch it, but it involved the death of a character and the golden snitch. Jesse played the rest of the characters and then some. He also played the referee as the whole audience played Quidditch! Yup, we played quidditch. The audience was divided into Slytherin and Gryffindors. Jesse asked for volunteers to play the seeker. (At the meet and greet, he said was actually looking for Zach, but couldn’t find him,so he picked another person) We lost though to Slytherin.

So on and on they went, 2 brilliant comedic actors, sometimes add libbing, much to the delight of the audience and obviously to one another. They started and ended each book, as the crowd howled in approval.

Two brilliant and talented performers!

After the show, they had a meet and greet and were truly likable guys.

I want to tell you so much and share what I watched, but I don’t want to deprive you guys the pleasure of watching for  yourselves. I really liked it that they took time out to incorporate some Filipino references, like ‘Boracay”, “Walis tingting” and even “Ateneo.”

They have a limited run of 10 shows only all the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre in RCBC Plaza. So please, if you want to truly have  tons of fun and laughter, catch Potted Potter!

During the meet and greet, Jesse was gracious enough to pose for a pic. Too bad Gary was really busy.

But we got his autograph

Of course, we got Jesse’s autograph, and check out  his dedication to Zach.

As I Post this blog, I am sure the talented duo is currently keeping the audiences laughing and having fun while doing so. Mabuhay!

(Some images taken from FaceBook page of Potted Potter)


Give Up Tomorrow

Give Up Tomorrow at Cinemalaya 2012. Visit for info.

Two women go missing. A massive search is organized. One body is found, barely recognizable, tortured, and gang raped. The police have no apparent leads. Pressure mounts for the police to find the criminals. In a swift, stunning move, they swoop in and arrest 7 young men for the crimes. A couple of them come from prominent name families.  All of them deny the accusations. One of the accused, claims he was nowhere near the place when the crimes took place. The police detain them anyway.

After 6 months, no sufficient evidence is found to link these boys to the crime. People start to worry that nothing will happen to the case or that their is a cover up.
The most powerful figure in the land makes his presence felt.
Suddenly,  a witness surfaces. He says he was part of the group that  committed the crime. He implicates all 7 men. All of them deny even knowing this witness.

With his testimony, and no other evidence,  the trial begins. The defense casts doubts on the corpse that was found. Was it one of the girls? An expert is brought in, but the kangaroo court judge dismisses it, and the defense takes a huge blow. The defense lawyers quit and public attorneys replace them. The trial proceeds with the prosecution throwing paid witness upon paid witness to the accused.
When it was the defense’s turn, their witnesses were mocked, and accused of lying.
The verdict was a foregone conclusion.
Eventually the death sentence is issued on all the accused.
Sounds like the plot of a movie or tv mini series right ? Or maybe something John Grisham would have written. The sad part is that THIS is a true story.

Last Sunday Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco presented their documentary film , “Give Up Tomorrow,” at the 2012 Cinemalaya at the CCP Little Theater. The two men have put together a riveting tale on a young man’s struggle to maintain his innocence. This was the Asian premiere of this film.

Give Up Tomorrow, exposes shocking corruption within the judicial system of the Philippines and one of the most sensational trials in the country’s history.

Fifteen years ago, sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong, were kidnapped in Cebu.Supposedly Marijoy’s body had been found, raped and killed. Arrested and charged with the crime were seven young men, including 19-year old Francisco “Paco” Juan Larranaga, a young student attending a culinary school in Metro Manila. At the time the crime was allegedly being committed Paco was with his friends in Manila. Multiple eyewitness accounts of friends and teachers, swear that Paco was with them in Manila. They even had pictures.

The film follows the (mis)trial of the century, the media circus, and demoralizing events that followed.

Give Up Tomorrow,  is Paco’s slogan,telling his fellow inmates, “Don’t waste time, don’t give up on the present, but give up tomorrow.”

Give Up Tomorrow, has received worldwide critical acclaim, as winner of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival’s Audience Award and Special Jury Prize for Best New Director. In addition, the film won the Audience award at the Sheffield Doc/Fest, the Human Rights Award at Docs Barcelona, and the Activism Award at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival.

You will feel sad, angry, shocked. You will be riveted to your seat.

This is not just a movie, this is the truth.

And the truth hurts.

During the open forum, one last person stood up to seemingly ask the last question of the night. There were murmurs, whispers from the audience. It was Hubert Webb.

Webb,was imprisoned for 15 years at the New Bilibid Prisons,along with five others for the 1995 “Vizconde massacre,” where a mother and her two daughters were killed. In 2010, the Supreme Court acquitted Webb and his co-accused. After spending 15 years in jail, and with eerily similar settings (a star witness, prominent family member accused, accused was nowhere near crime, witnesses discredited)Webb seemed to be in the best position to share his thoughts on the movie.

“I met Paco in Muntinlupa,” Webb said. He expressed gratitude for what the film makers were doing: “The best defense is letting the world know what really happened.”

Applause accompanied Webb as he made his way back to his seat and was hugged by Mimi, the sister of Paco.

Give Up Tomorrow will have it’s last showing on Sunday 3;30pm at the CCP Little Theater.

Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco addressing the crowd at the reception for their film

Here is the film’s trailer.

Multi-awarded film Give Up Tomorrow at Cinemalaya 2012. Visit for info.

UAAP Season 75 Senior Men’s Basketball Preview

The 75th season of the  UAAP starts this coming weekend.  Ateneo is going for a 5th straight men’s seniors’ basketball title and every other team is determined to prevent that from happening.
Here is my preview of the upcoming season.

Ateneo Blue Eagles
The Blue Eagles are the favorites the win their 5th straight crown. Ateneo has depth,experience and Norman Black. The big question mark this year is in the leadership.  Juami Tiongson, and Nico Elorde are the main point guards. Kiefer Ravena will probably do more than his share of ball handling duties. Coach Norman Black returns for his last season as coach, and his players will give it their all to give their coach a rousing swan song. The frontcourt is solid with Greg Slaughter, Nico Salva, JP Erram, Justin Chua, and comebacking Ryan Buenafe. Outside shooting is expected from Oping Sumalinog and Tonino Gonzaga aside from their defensive prowess. Five peat or bust!

Big 3: Slaughter, Salva, Ravena

Player to watch: Greg Slaughter. The 7 footer actually improved. He looks stronger, has more polished post moves and has shown he has a respectable jumper.

Player on the hotseat :Kiefer Ravena. Ravena looked “human” in pre-season games as defenses now know his game and have been doing decent jobs in limiting his production. Every Atenean is hoping he can avoid the sophomore jinx.

X-Factor: Ryan Buenafe. Is he the Ryan Buenafe, clutch scorer, spectacular passer or the player who was overweight, sulks on the court and looked uninspired?

National University Bulldogs
The NU Bulldogs showed they are legitimate UAAP contenders by going undefeated and winning the recently concluded FilOil Pre-season cup. Bobby Ray Parks is scary good. He has shown an improved jumpshot, post moves, and more importantly leadership. Jean Mbe has also improved as he has apparently learned not to foul everyone who goes in the lane. The biggest reason for their success is in the coaching. Eric Altamirano has convinced all, ALL his players that they are ready to the next stop, and his players are oozing with confidence. Dennice Villamor, Jeff Javillonar, Gelo Alolino ,Glenn Khobuntin, and rookie Mark de Guzman provide solid support and have all shown they are not afraid to take a big shot. The NU Bulldogs have got it all for you!

Big 3: Parks,Mbe,Alolino

Player to watch: Bobby Ray Parks. He sure looks ready to repeat as UAAP MVP. He is probably the most complete player in the UAAP right now.

Player on the hotseat: Jean Mbe. Will he continue his stellar play that he showed in the pre season league? He was part of the Mythical 5 and won the best defensive player of that tournament. The Bulldogs are hoping so.

X Factor: The MOA Arena. What? The Bulldogs have been practicing in their spanking new arena, and probabaly have a home court advantage. They even have their own locker rooms in the Arena.

FEU Tamaraws

The  Tamaraws have been bridesmaids the past 2 seasons to the Blue Eagles. Is the 3rd time the charm? RR Garcia and Terrence Romeo form arguably the most potent backcourt in the league. Russel Escoto,Carl Cruz, The Bringas brothers, Arvie and Mark,and Roger Pogoy will try to make up for the losses of Aldrech Ramos and JR Cawaling to graduation. The Tamaraws are still experienced, have the smarts, and have the firepower to reach the top, as long as their top 2 guards co-exist. Let’s go Tamaraws, lets go!

Big 3: Garcia, Romeo,Tolomia,

Player to watch: RR Garcia. Mr Cool. Mr Clutch. When RR’s game is on, just sit back and watch him hit loopers, push shots, 3 pointers from the corners and his free throws. The expression on his face rarely changes.  Only his hair color does.

Player on the hotseat: Terrence Romeo. He was wild in the finals a year ago. Apparently he wanted to do too much to help his team win, and it meant not making proper decisions as the teams point guard. If he is under control and plays within the system, FEU will be formidable.

X Factor: Arvie Bringas. Bring as to the promised land, the La Salle faithful chanted. Alas Arvie did not deliver. So he takes his talents to FEU,and after sitting out a year, he is now ready to bang bodies again with the league. If he plays to his potential, he might be the next Vic Pablo, if not, the next Mike Otto.

De La Salle Green Archers

The Green Archers are itching to make it to the top again. Last season’s disapointments are behind them and a new era beginning with new Coach Gee Abanilla calling the shots and fearless rookie gunner Jeron Teng (Tengsanity!) a notable addition to the team. A runner up finish in the Fil Oil pre season tournament showed what this team is capable of. Norbet Torres has done his homework and is a terror in the low post with his jump hooks and face up jumpers and is a tireless rebounder. Yutien Andrada, Ponso Gotladera, Papot Paredes and (injured) big man Arnold Van Opstal, are lean, tall, and all defensively imposing. The backcourt of LA Revilla, Almond Vosotros, Jed Manguerra and Mark Tallo are fast, and all are ready to take the big shot. The Green Archers are locked and loaded for the upcoming season!

Big 3: Revilla, Torres, Teng

Player to watch: LA Revilla. He is the team leader. He will take the big shot and will not back down. He is arguably the league’s best point guard.

Player on the hotseat: Jeron Teng. He is undeniably talented. But some feel he takes too many shots and it may irk the veterans on the team. He is already clutch. (See Ateneo game 3point shot)If he plays under control and takes his shots in the rhythm of the game, he is a lock for rookie of the year.

X Factor: Gee Abanilla. The Pumaren era ended and after a whole lot of coaches names were rumored to be taking over (Cone,Uichico, Villanueva), DLSU entrusted their team to their long time assistant.The public will scrutinize what system he brings to the school, how he handles a team he inherited and how he responds to alumni pressure.

UST Growling Tigers

The Tigers MAY have overachieved last year by making it into the final four. Nobody had them making it that far, except maybe for Coach Pido Jarencio. They lost Chris Camus to a mathematical error, but gain back sharpshooter Clark Bautista, and slasher Aljon Mariano. The two Jerics, Teng and Fortuna are still around and along with Melo Afuang, will be the leaders of the team. Karim Abdul, has slimmed down, and also has shown an improved low post game. Here’s to hoping he won’t run out of gas at the end of games, and won’t be in foul trouble. When he sits down the other UST big men (Paolo Pe, Afuang) have to step  up.UST was flying low on everybody’s radar last year, but this season everyone will be watching them as they had moderate success in pre season tournaments. Go USTE!

Big 3: Fortuna,Teng,Abdul

Player to watch: Jeric Fortuna. He has shown he is clutch in some big games last year. But in some games he just plain disappeared and got tired. This year he will play more consistently, now that Tata Bautista is back to relieve him. Last year he logged heavy minutes as the Tigers did not have a suitable backup. He will probably make it to the mythical five. He is that good.

Player on the hot seat: Jeric Teng. With small bro on the other side of the fence, Kuya Jeric has to prove to the league that he is  the better Teng. Last year he was MIA in some games as was his outside shot. But he quickly adapted and learned to drive and draw to get his numbers. This year he needs to be more consistent.

X Factor: Kevin Ferrer. The high school superstar looked lost last year. He has been mentioned in the same breath as Kiefer Ravena in terms of talent, so this year the tall 6’3” shooting guard will be expected to vastly improve to live up to the hype he rightfully deserves.

Adamson Soaring Falcons

Coach Leo Austria has his job cut out for him this year. Twin point guards Lester Alvarez and Jerick Canada are gone. So are Janus Lozada, Jan Colina,and Austin Manyara. But Alex Nuyles, Eric Camson, Rodney Brondial, Allen Etrone and gunner Roeder Cabrera,are still aound. This team is no pushover and will give teams a run for their money. But with no proven point guards and no legit low post players, they will be hard pressed to equal last years’ accomplishments. For me, Adamson is no longer a final four contender but this team will continue to battle and will go down fighting.

Big 3: Nuyles, Camson, Brondial

Player to watch: Eric Camson. He is one of the better forwards in the league. He has improved every year he has been in the Uaap. This year expect his scoring and rebounding numbers to be even higher.

Player on the hotseat: Alex Nuyles. Nuyles may be the most exciting player in the league. He can quickly change the game with his 3 point shots, slashing drives, and spectacular dunks. He should step up and be one of the leagues’ top scorers. He should also accept the leadership role that Coach Leo expects from him.

X Factor: Roeder Cabrera. If he learns to take better shots, not more shots, he will be one the best scorers in the league. A notorious streak shooter, he is the typical “when he’s hot watch out player,” and a typical “when not, sit him down.”

UP Fighting  Maroons

The Maroons’ record the last 5 years is 8 wins-70 losses, and included 2 winless season. This year, they won’t go winless, but won’t go the final four either. They look like a lock for the bottom 2 of the standings this year,(sigh!) Mike Silungan will again be asked to carry the scoring load for the team. Last year was a down year for him, as the losses looked to take its toll on him as looked to be coasting in some games. Mark Lopez, makes a comeback this year, and along with Alvin Padilla, Mike Gamboa, UAAP most improved player Jett Manuel and Jelo Montecastro are back to try make UP’s campaign a decent one this year. Center Magi Sison is gone, and only sophomore Paolo Romero looks to be the only experienced big man in the frontcourt. So the center slot is definitely a problem. UP’s Pep Squad continues to be more exciting than the men’s team. I hope this year they do better. UP Fight!

Big 3: Silungan, Padilla, Manuel

Player to watch: Mike Silungan. He probably owns the best looking jump shot in the league. Last year his shot was off.  I think he will be one of the top scorers this year, his last year in the league.

Player in the hot seat: Alvin Padilla. He is UP’s best all around player if he keeps cool and does not lose his temper.

X Factor: Mark Lopez. He has missed the last 2 years due to an injury. He showed great promise in the pre season tournaments and could be the all around “glue” player this team needs.

UE Red Warriors

This team lived up to their nickname. The Red Warriors were always fighting and giving their all. This year expect more of the same, in terms of attitude and results. No final four this year guys. Roi Sumang, Adrian Santos, Chris Javier, and Erwin Duran, will do their best to spring some surprises at the contenders. The Red Warriors need a lot of work on both ends of the court.  The veterans on the team have to do their share or they’ll end up in the cellar. Maybe Coach Jerry should suit up again. UE is in for a long season. Go UE!

Player to watch: Roi Sumang. He has improved every year and will continue to improve and make defenses pay when he is left alone.

Player on the hot seat: Chris Javier. He was a highly touted big man coming out of San Beda HS. This year he needs to show the UAAP that he is a legit big man.

X Factor: Jerry Codinera. Will he be able to motivate his team? I’ts hard to do considering the coach is the best player on the team.

My prediction:

Ateneo, NU, DLSU and FEU final four bound.

Ateneo over FEU, NU over DLSU

Ateneo over NU.

Ateneo season 75 champs.

MVP: Parks

Finals MVP: Slaughter

Most Improved: Gelo Alolino NU

Rookie of the Year: Jeron Teng DLSU

Defensive Player: Jean Mbe NU

Mythical Teams

First team: Ravena, Parks, LA Revilla, Slaughter, Garcia

Second team: Salva, Torres, Nuyles, Fortuna, Abdul

Get into the team spirit. Wear your school colors. Grab yourself a pair of limited UAAP themed Havaianas.

I’m Back Again! With Sports GNews!

Welcome back. Haha! It’s been more than a year since i wrote on my blog. Why start again, well for one thing, now I have time, or shall i say found time to write. Secondly, i just missed writing and telling you stories.

Lots of interesting things have happened since personally since my last blog.
We moved to a new home in Pasig,  I am now the dad to two teenagers (15&13), one is in 2nd year in AHS, while the other is graduating from grade school. My youngest, my daughter started  with the K to 12 program.
So many stories to share let me start with sports, my favorite topic.

The Recent NBA draft had me reminiscing about previous NBA drafts.

Anthony Davis was selected #1 overall in what is considered to be a deep draft. Will he be the next Patrick Ewing, Tim Duncan, or Blake Griffin? Big men who were chosen #1 overall and who made an impact in the league. Or will he join the likes of Pervis Ellison, Michael Olowakandi and Kwame Brown who were complete busts ?

Coincidentally,  the NBA draft also made me think about the PBA draft. The NBA draft lottery and the PBA draft started the same year in 1985. Here is a side by side comparison of those chosen number one overall.

I wanted to have more fun so I highlighted the players who has had a better impact in the league, to their respective teams and who has had a better career.

                                  NBA                                                                                 PBA
1985   Patrick Ewing Georgetown-New York Knicks             Sonny Cabatu-Lyceum- Shell
1986   Brad Daugherty- North Carolina-Cleveland Cavs         Rey Cuenco- Arellano-Alaska
1987    David Robinson- Navy- San Antonio Spurs                   Allan Caidic- UE- Great Taste
1988  Danny Manning- Kansas- LA Clippers                           Jack Tanuan- FEU- Purefoods
1989  Pervis Ellison- Louisville- Sacramento Kings                   Benjie Paras- UP- Shell Helix
1990 Derrick Coleman-Syracuse-NJ Nets                         Peter Jao-USJ-R- Great Taste Coffee
1991 Larry Johnson-UNLV- Charlotte Hornets                    Alejandro Araneta-Ateneo- Alaska
1992 Shaquille O’Neal- LSU- Orlando Magic                       Vergel Meneses-JRU-Presto Tivoli
1993 Chris Webber – Michigan- Orlando Magic              Zandro Limpot Jr.-DLSU-Sta. Lucia
1994 Glen Robinson – Purdue- Milwaukee Bucks            Noli Locsin-DLSU-  La Tondeña
1995 Joe Smith -Maryland- Golden State Warriors            Dennis Espino-UST-Sta. Lucia
1996 Allen Iverson-Georgetown-Philadelphia 76ers    Marlou Aquino-Adamson-Gordon’s
1997 Tim Duncan-Wake Forest-San Antonio Spurs         Andy Seigle- New Orleans- Mobiline
1998 Michael Olowakandi- Pacific- La Clippers              Danny Ildefonso-NU-San Miguel
1999 Elton Brand –Duke-  Chicago Bulls                            Sonny Alvarado- Texas- Tanduay
2000 Kenyon Martin- Cincinnati-NJ Nets                           Paolo Mendoza-UP-Sta. Lucia
2001 Kwame Brown-Glynn  HS-Washington Wizards       Willie Miller-Letran-Red Bull
2002 Yao Ming-China-Houston Rockets                               Yancy de Ocampo-St. Francis-FedEx
2003 LeBron James-St. Mary HS-Cleveland Cavs                Mike Cortez-DLSU- Alaska
2004 Dwight Howard-SACA HS-Orlando Magic                      Rich Alvarez-Ateneo-Shell
2005 Andrew Bogut-Univ of  Utah-Milwaukee Bucks                  Jay Washington-Eckerd-Air 21
2006 Andrea Bargnani-Italy-Toronto Raptors                     Kelly Williams-Oakland-Sta. Lucia
2007 Greg Oden-Ohio St. Portland TrailBlazers                           Joe Devance-UTEP- Welcoat
2008 Derrick Rose-Memphis-Chicago Bulls       Gabe Norwood-George Mason-Rain or Shine
2009 Blake Griffin-Oklahoma-La Clippers                         Japeth Aguilar-WKU- Burger King
2010 John Wall- Memphis- Washington Wizards              Nonoy Baclao-Ateneo- Air 21
2011 Kyrie Irving- Duke- Cleveland Cavs                              JV Casio- DLSU- Powerade
2012 Anthony Davis- Kentucky- New Orleans Hornets         Greg Slaughter-Ateneo- ????
  • The results. NBA- 17 PBA- 5 Tie-5
  • Some matchups were total mismatches and had obvious winners  (’85,’88,’89,’91,’92,’93,’97,’98,2000,’01-’04,’06,’08-’11)
  • The ties were interesting: 1987 featured 2 excellent game changers who play different positions. The Admiral vs The Triggerman. Both mvps, both left handed lethal scorers and both champions. 1990– Coleman, talented headcase, Apet Jao, who was this guy? I remember him as a tweener, too slow for a small forward, not a huge scorer to play off guard. Both were disappointments. 1999 -Brand vs Alvarado. I call this a tie because Brand posts numbers but really hasn’t made much of an impact. Alvarado made huge waves when he came into the league forming an imposing frontline with Eric Menk. It all turned sour when he was exposed as a Fil- Sham, as he had no Filipino lineage. 2005– Bogut and Washington. Two brilliant players, if healthy. Injuries have hampered their careers, and have had few shining moments. 2007- Greg Oden and Joe Devance. Much was expected after stellar amateur careers. As pros, Oden has been injured while Devance, while putting up respectable numbers, hasn’t been the star the league thought he will be.
  • Top 5 best NBA top lottery choices: O’neal, Duncan, Ewing, Iverson, James. Top 5 busts: Brown,Olowakandi,Ellison,Smith,Oden.

My top 5 NBA #1 Overall picks since the lottery began

My top 5 NBA #1 Overall worst picks since the lottery began

  • PBA top 5 best: Paras, Caidic, Meneses,Miller,Williams. Top 5 busts: Cabatu, Jao,Tanuan, de Ocampo, Mendoza

PBA top 5 best # 1 overall picks since the draft lottery

PBA top 5 worst # 1 overall picks since the draft lottery

NBA or PBA drafting is not an exact science. Teams spend on research and scouting. At the end of the day, it’s still fifty fifty chance of bust or boom. Who among the current crop of US NCAA collegians is the next star? Who among the NCAA or UAAP will change the PBA?


I am very happy for Fil Am Coach Eric Spoelestra. We can only imagine the stress he goes through managing the minutes (and egos) of these NBA players. Good job and congratulations Coach Spo. Mabuhay ka! I bet San Miguel Beer will get him to do a beer ad.

Erik-Spoelstra Big-three

Erik-Spoelstra With the Big-three

Some numbers of note from the Miami Heat’s 121-106 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the 2012 Finals, giving the Heat their second championship: (taken from

  • LeBron James became the 14th player to win a championship in the same year he won the MVP award. The last was Tim Duncan in 2003.
  • James tied a postseason career high with 13 assists in Game 5.
  • The Heat are the first NBA champion to have trailed three in three of their playoff series. They were down 2-1 to Indiana, 3-2 to Boston, and 1-0 to Oklahoma City.
  • The Heat became the third team to sweep the middle three Finals games at home since the 2-3-2 format came into play in 1985. The others were the 2004 Pistons and the 2006 Heat.
  • The Heat’s 14 3-pointers in Game 5 tied a Finals record, set in the 1995 Finals by both the Rockets and Magic.
  • Game 5 was the first time in the 2012 postseason in which James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade each scored 20 or more points.
  • Juwan Howard won his first title in his 18th season. The only player to go more seasons before wining his first championship was Kevin Willis, who won with the Spurs in 2003, his 19th season. (Howard is the only member of the famous Michigan Fab Five to get a championship ring)
  • The Thunder won Game 1 and then lost the next four games. It was their first four-game losing streak since April of 2009.

Congratulations to Miami and Oklahoma for a well played series!

Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions

Sinong big three gusto niyo?

Nostalgic Gnews

Here I am in Rockwell Power Plant, watching over a setup for an event which we are organizing for Collezione.  As I write this, I can’t help feel nostalgic. Collezione, has been around for close to 20 years now. Like Benetton and Le Tigre (Hold that Tiger!!!) in the 80’s, the Collezione brand has been a part of my “fashion sense” when it came to shirts. Actually for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been feeling nostalgic .(re: old)

It all started when coming home from picking up my kids from school, I passed by Hemady street in QC before turning left to Aurora Blvd. I got the shock of my like when I saw my former office, the Magnolia Nestle Ice Cream plant all boarded up. In its stead the Magnolia Residences was to rise. I really felt sad, especially when I saw the Magnolia Flavor house all empty. Memories of my dad and my mom bringing me there, along with Kuya and Ate to have a chocolate milkshake or chocolate parfait soon rushed in. I remember, going there every Sunday to buy my Lolo a half gallon of Mocha Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Cake if one of my cousins was celebrating their birthday. My cousins and I would fight over the dry ice!!!I was a salesman for Magnolia Ice Cream in the late 90’s. In fact it was my first “serious” job.  Even when I left Magnolia for another job, I would sometimes bring Janice,Coby and Zach there to enjoy the ice cream,barquillos or milkshake. Reese, sadly will never get to enjoy that experience.

Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House (circa 1970's)

As I write this, I suddenly remembered all my old stomping grounds, or places that I used to go to when I was younger.

Do you guys remember Broadway Centrum? Located at the corner of Aurora and Gilmore, Broadway Centrum was the 2nd mall I frequented.

Broadway Centrum

What was the first? I’ll get to that later. The Centrum had two state of the art theaters (at the time)It had SenSurround, a large screen and loveseats(!)  Some of the movies I watched here were Jaws 2, Superman, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. The Centrum had shops, but nothing really was special except for the 2 cinemas.

Buck Rogers, Jaws 2, Superman The Movie, were some of the movies I watched at Broadway Centrum's Eastside Or Westside Cinemas

Some of the movies I watched either at the Westside or Eastside cinemas of Broadway Centrum

Now  the cinemas were converted to  TV studios for Channel 7 for shows like Eat Bulaga and I think Master Showman. (Walang tulugan!!!) The mall is still there though. (Click here if you want to watch the Buck Rogers opening theme)

As you pass Broadway on you right, heading to Cubao, pass Magnolia, pass Balete drive, on your left would be the famous dept. store Arcegas. Probably only people who lived in QC would remember this st this store. They had the best go-karts, tricycles and bicycles. I had a Patria bike though. They had two theaters there. I watched Carrie there.

Watched the horror flick "Carrie"in Arcegas Cinema.

As you enter Cubao, here is where my childhood memories really kick in. On your left, the 3 theaters, Diamond, Remar, Coronet 1 and 2 welcome you. In Diamond Theater, I remember watching (with my Dad) Terence Hill in “My Name is Nobody.”

Diamond Theater will always be special to me. My dad took me here (on a schoolday no less) to watch this Terence Hill movie.It was my first movie with him. I remember all the movies we watched together in the Cubao cinemas.

Remar Theater was the classiest of the 3 cinemas I mentioned. It had “Sensurround,” the precursor of Dolby digital and THX. Earthquake, Midway and Rollercoaster were movies shot in this kind of sound format.

Some of the movies I watched at Remar Theater

These 3 movies were recorded in Sensurround.

Then in Coronet, I remember lining up with my Dad for Towering Inferno. Years later, I watched Star Wars. While in Coronet, I would always eat at their Ice Cream Place which served burgers wrapped in tin foil. It later would be named  Jollibee Burgers.

The best sci-fi movie ever? The best "disaster" movie ever? I watched both in Cubao theaters

Moving further down, the biggest theater in Asia at that time, New Frontier stood majestically, dwarfing all the other buildings. I watched “The Cassandra Crossing” here. With its large lobby, regal stairs leading up to the balcony, large movie screen, watching at New Frontier was truly an enjoyable experience.

Now abandoned and probably waiting to be torn down, The New Frontier Cinema Theater used to be the biggest cinema in Asia.

"The Cassandra Crossing"

Behind New Frontier was its smaller sister Nation Cinema. You have to pass thru Queens Supermarket to get there.

Beside New Frontier, stood Fiesta Carnival. When mom would go shopping at Rustans Cubao, I would beg her if I can play at Fiesta Carnival. Pretty much what my kids do now when they see a Power Station or Time Zone. I would go jump on the Moonwalk, ride the train, or play at the shooting gallery, to win Tootsie Roll candies.

Rustans Superstore

This was the only picture of Fiesta Carnival I can find. Sayang...

Now, Shopwise stands where Fiesta Carnival used to be. You can still see traces of the old facade and structure.

If I needed school supplies, there were two places to go to. Of course it would be either National Bookstore or Alemars beside Cinema 21.

Alemars was located here beside Cinema 21. Here in Cinema 21, they were not really strict with the "For Adults" movies then. (ex.Katorse w/Dina Bonnevie and Alfie Anido) Hehehe.

Behind it was COD. I never really bought anything in COD, but every Christmas season, we would watch the Christmas show on their balcony of moving mannequins. It’s the same show now being shown at Unimart/Greenhills every Christmas.

COD Dep store in the 70's

I mentioned that Broadway Centrum was my 2nd Mall, my first mall of course is the Ali Mall. LaSallians went to Shoppesville in Greenhills, Ateneans went to Ali Mall in Cubao.(Ngeyek) People  nowadays don’t even know that the mall was named after the famous boxer, “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali when he fought the Thrilla in Manila in 1974.

The mall named after "The Greatest"

Ali Mall as it looks now.

Nope, I didn’t go nor hang around  Skatetown. I usually went to Shakey’s or watched movies there. I usually ate at Sea Beauty or Big 20 in Ali Mall. Ali Mall also was near the bus terminal, where you would take the Love Bus to go to Quiapo or Makati.

The Love Bus.....

As you leave Cubao and go along Highway 54, you will see Tropical Hut on your right as you cross Ortigas Ave.Y ou can go down to Greenhills to eat at the original Good-Ah or eat at Chew Chew Junction. Prices at Good-Ah there was only P8 for Goto, P7 for tokwa’t baboy, 3P for softdrinks. Change for a twenty, ang sukli,pambili yosi. Camel or Winston Red.

When you reach Makati, Rustans Dep store with it’s blue tiles welcomed you. Further down, beside PECO, was The Rizal Theater. Other places I remember are Erewhon, SM-ACA, Makati Supermart with its famous spaghetti. Haaay, I could go on and on.

Makati in the 70's

Blue-tiled Rustans Makati in the 70's

Rizal Theater in the 60's(?)

Btw, to complete my nostalgic trip, Janice and I ate at the Whistle Stop Restaurant, now  located at the other side of Jupiter. We feasted on old favorites, Mixed Sate and Hainanese Chicken. They had interesting flower vases.

My favorite drink. I used to buy this in the Ateneo Grade school cafeteria for 50 centavos!

Fress Gusto, you'll like it very mucho!!! If i remember correctly, Gary Valenciano was the kid in the commercial.

What do you guys remember? Would love to hear from you…………..

Found most of the Retro pics in the internet, thanks for sharing…

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! Finally, my  first blog for the year. I actually intended to write about something last week, but for some reason, I just didn’t know what to write about. Well, now I do.

I’ll start with a short background on what I have finally decided to write about. Our family driver went on vacation, so which meant for the first 2 weeks of January, I was “excused” from office work, as I was to play the role of driver to my two boys, and occasionally to my daughter.  I was able to squeeze in some work that Juice asked me to do, and even spent a day interviewing applicants for our office. I envisioned myself writing entries for my blog while waiting in Starbucks Katipunan . As it turns out, yup, I did hang around Starbucks, but found myself playing Plants vs Zombies most of the time. Nghyahhh!!!!


My routine almost everyday then, would be waiting for the boys, then rush over to Reese’s school to pick her up. As we leave ADMU, the boys would assume their position for talking a nap, as they normally do. In this case, I would  tell them to make room for their sister, who also takes a nap while going home from school. So I pick up Reese around 20 minutes later, the boys asleep. She squeezes in the back seat lies down beside Zach. 5 minutes later, all 3 are fast asleep. While waiting at the intersection of Araneta and Aurora, I just looked at my 3 kids. Wow, I have got to be the luckiest guy around. I have a VERY patient, understanding and beautiful wife, who is also my best friend, and I have 3 wonderful kids. That’s when I decided to write about how I am looking forward to 2010. Life is great!!!  In my future blog, I’ll write about a review of 2009, and some great luck and memories I had, but for now, I just want to write about how great 2010 has been to me, this early into the year.

On New Year’s eve, the entire family was on hand for fireworks, food and fun. Reese though lasted until 11:30pm, but fell asleep. We welcomed 2010 with a bang!!!

Sparks still fly when I am with Juice

Parang entrance ng WWE.....

Coby seems sad 2009 is gone....

Sleeping Beauty....

Coby's first champagne

Juice and her mini-me Zach celebrating 2010

My first and probably best news (so far) that reached me has been concerned our company Creative Juice . We finally got word from the SEC that we (CJ) are the “proper” owners of the name Creative Juice and that the other company having the same name has to cease and desist using that name. Wow. The underdog has it’s day. Aside from that, a prominent company for hygiene hired us to handle their mall events this year.. Our first major event under our company is going full blast on March. Expo Kid promises to be a fun filled event, hope you guys can go. There have been inquiries for events, prospective new clients this January, for events later in the year. My partner has been really working hard, and we are being rewarded. My family is blessed to have her.

See You In Rockwell!!!

Two of my friends from GB via Canada are coming home both carrying good news. Fino and wife Rochelle are visiting and she brings news that she is pregnant with twins. Terry will be arriving in May with his fiancée to get married. Good news indeed as our GB family is growing.

On the sporting side of life, I started the year with good friends Reggie and Nelson, we of the FAG 4 (short for Fabulous Golfers 4, or Friends At Golf 4) minus Al. (He of the 6 handicap) We teed off at Navy at 6:30am, finished our front 9 at 8am. We had a first in our golf game, all 3 of us scored pars on hole number 5, albeit in a variety of ways. I had a regulation par, Reg chipped from the fringe, and 1 putt to save his par, while Nelson blasted his way from the bunker, and also 1 putt his way to par. (And the crowd goes wild!!!) After 4 holes of wild play, I settled down after this hole and scored pars, bogeys and had a couple of doubles, but no triples. My two playing partners were more consistent throughout. Reggie, playing his new Hybrid set of clubs for the first time was playing great considering, it was his literally his first time to try out his new set. Nelson was hitting the ball long as usual, and his short game was great. We finished around 10am, and when the scores were handed in, we all broke a 100. Nelson scored a 93, while Reg and I turned in identical scores of 96. Oh, what might have been. If Reg had actually practiced with his new set, he might have scored less, while, if I had played my 1st four holes better, I surely would have scored lower. Nevertheless, we were all happy to welcome 2010 with all of us scoring under a 100. Reggie has a blog called The Duffer, please visit the site.

Posing, as usual

And again......

Yet again..........

Reggie at the 15th hole

Nelson's turn at the 15th

Polly was giving me advise how to get "birdies."

Apparrently, she was giving advice to Nelson too....

The Prince and the Frog

Further good news happened in the sporting side of my life as the Ateneo Basketball League kicked off during the weekend.  I have two teams, one is in the seniors division, (40yrs old and above) while one is my “fun” team. My senior division team, Team Ijares, is 2-0, Team Adolfo (formerly Team Yap) is 1-1.  Last year, my second team had a grand total of 1 (one) win last year, and that came at the last game of the season. This year with a couple of new faces, we wanted to modestly double our win total last year. We were all loose and had modest expectations as the game started. In our 1st game,  Lo and behold we built a big lead at the start of the 4th quarter and never looked back. We won by 13 points,and it felt great to be playing with old warriors Andrew Marcelo and Nelson, who were playing their first ABL game in 5 years. We already achieved our goal halfway.  We lost our second game though, but by just a mere 3 points.

More good news, my family and I are ready for our adventure by end of this month, please wish us luck.

It is the Year of the Tiger. I hope all of us will have ONE BIG ROAR in 2010. Rawwwr!!!!

Can I just add, husay kumuha litrato ni Reggie……………

Photos taken at Malarayat On Dec,2009 by Reggie Nolido

Lastly. I liked this video, its all the hits of 2009.

Click here. Enjoy!!!!