NBA Gnews Part 2…………

BREAKING NEWS: A lot has happened since my last post. The Boston Celtics announced that Kevin Garnet might miss the entire playoffs. His knee apparently has not healed. Despie this, I still think the Celtics will advance to the Eastern Conference finals. They will win in 6  close games over Da Bulls, and 6 over the Sixers.  The Cavs will show no mercy and dethrone the champs in 5 games. Now on the my predictions, this time in the Western Conference.

Western Conference: First Round

#1 Los Angeles Lakers vs #8 Utah Jazz – Phil Jackson vs Jerry Sloan, a coaching match up for the ages or should i say the aged. With  KB24 , Pau Gasol and the returning Andrew Bynum, theLakers will beat Deron Williams and AK47 .  Lakers in 5 games. Not even close. Another prediction. This will be the last time you will see Carlos Boozer in a Jazz uniform as he is expected to bolt via free agency.





#2 Denver Nuggets vs #7 New Orleans Hornets – Despite Denver’s blowout  game #1 win over the Hornets, this series will be close, because Chris Paul will not allow it to be swept. Chauncey Billups and Melo will dominate, while the Hornets bench will be outplayed by Linus Kleiza and J. R. Smith. Peja will be missing in action. Denver in 6





#3 San Antonio Spurs  vs #6 Dallas Mavericks – The battle of texas is tied after two games. The Mavs got game 1 while the Spurs blew out the Mavs in game 2 behind Tony Parker’s monster game. The Mavs now have homecourt advantage and will use it.The Spurs will miss Manu Ginobilli’s scoring off the bench, while Jason Terry will outscore the Spurs bench by himself.  Veterans Jason KIdd and Dirk will realize this might be their last chance to reach the finals, and will elevate their play even more.  Mavs will upset the Spurs  in 6.





#4 Portland TrailBlazers vs #5 Houston Rockets – The most interesting series of the playoffs. Portland is young and ambitious. The Rockets are old and dysfunctional. Ron Artest will get in the heads of the young Blazers. Brandon Roy will shoot horribly but still score while Yao Ming takes Greg Oden to school. No one will stop him. Portland’s bench will keep things close with Rudy Fernandez and Travis Outlaw, but do I sense T-Mac making a comeback? Rockets in 5 games.



#1 Los Angeles Lakers vs #5 Houston Rockets – This will be the most physical series in the West. Artest vs Kobe and Andrew Bynum vs Yao, Scola vs Gasol. Plus there is no love lost between the coaches as they have met before when Adelman handled the Sacramento Kings of before. Lamar Odom leads the bench and will be a key factor in the outcome. In the end the Lakers’ superior firepower will be too much to handle.  Lakers in 5.





#2 Denver vs #6 Dallas. – The Mavs will continue their fine play. In this series Josh Howard will have his hands full vs Carmelo Anthony, but Kmart will struggle against Dirk, who will prove to be unstoppable. Chauncey and Nene keeps it close  for the Nuggets, but jason Terry, JJ Barea and Brandon Bass will outplay the Nuggets bench . The Mavs will not let this one go.  Mavs in 7 games





Western Conference Finals: #1 Los Angeles Lakers vs #6 Dallas Mavericks – This series will not be close. The Lakers’ offense will be too much for the Mavs. Bynum will overpower Dampier in the post while no one will stop the Black Mamba. He will proabably have a 40pt game in this series. Dirk and JKidd will try but will fall to the mighty Lakers.  The Mavs’ Cinderella run stops here. Sweep. 4-0







Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers – Dream series, dream matchups all around. The showcase match-up is of coure LBJ vs KB24. King James vs The Black Mamba. In the finals, Lebron will try to do too much, and neglect his teammates. Kobe will keep Lebron in his sights, but will dominate in other areas and keep his team involved. The defense of both teams will be superb, expect low scoring affairs, despite the prescence of two elite scorers. In the end though, Gasol, Bynum, Fisher, Odom, will outplay names like Williams, Varejao and Ilgauskas. Kobe will have his first post-Shaq title while Lebron will wait next year. Lakers in 6 games.





2 thoughts on “NBA Gnews Part 2…………

  1. Good job picking the Lakers. They simply are too complete and too dominant for any real competiton.

    Lebron will be great. But Kobe has a whole team behind him.

    Lakers in 6.

  2. congrats! nice work gary. Amen to your Western Conf predictions. have always wanted to “write” my own NBA-style predictions, but I know i cant since i am too biased (to LAL, of course). galing naman kasi of your knowledge on every playoff team and that you can write this stuff from an unbiased POV. keep on blogging…btw also LAL over CLE in 6:)

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