I’m Back….. with Sports Gnews

Sept. 10,  I finally parted ways with my colon.  Thanks to all who who said a prayer or two for my surgery, and my recovery. To all my friends, who texted, emailed, visited, in the hospital and in the house,  SALAMAT PO!!! I have a  9 inch scar in the middle of my stomach. Youch!!!  So much for parading around the beach. On a positive note, my Doctor, actually gave me free liposuction, and took out the fats in my stomach. Thanks Doc. I entered the hospital, a light heavyweight weighing 175lbs, I left weighing like a welterweight, at 147lbs. Now more than two months  later, I have managed to gain some of it back. Oh well……

Zach even stayed overnight to help mom watch me. But I think he just enjoyed eating my hospital food.

Me with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus merienda....

My 3 special ladies were there to support me

The day of my operation, was probably the fastest day of my life. The nurses woke me up at around 4pm, to do the final prep, which included, one final trip to the john, and giving me my pill to knock me out. A brother from the chapel of St. Lukes, passed by and gave me some blessings and prayers, and it gave me the confidence I needed. I immediately felt the effects of the pill they gave me. I remember turning to Janice and telling her to kiss me already, because I was literally falling asleep, then ZZZZZZ.  During my 4 hour plus operation, Janice documented  the waiting period, and aftermath of the operation. With the help of my Ninang  Tessie Tomas who was there, along with my Mom, my Mom in law, and Tita Julie Lingan, during my operation, please watch this. If you are squeamish, don’t bother. Click here to view.

As I mentioned two months have passed since my colectomy, and now I would say I am back to 90% healthy. Just recently, I played my first basketball game. Not bad, a couple of baskets, a couple of rebounds and assists, lots of missed shots. Hehehe. I was just happy to be playing.

So many things have happened since my operation. I didn’t know where to begin to or what to write about in this blog. Should  I write about Ateneo’s double back to back championships?  My successful concert with Tux in Singapore or my vacation in Singapore?  Ondoy?  I decided to write an easy article, something that I have wanted to write about since the last  NBA season ended.


Phil Jackson just won his 10th Nba  championship, surpassing Red Auerbach. Who would make up Phil Jackson’s all time dream team?

10 NBA Championships for PhilJax


G – Michael Jordan  G- Kobe Bryant  C- Shaquille O’Neal   F- Scottie Pippen  F- Dennis Rodman

At Guard, Michael "Air"Jordan

at the other guard, Kobe Bryant

In the middle, The Big Diesel, Shaquille O'Neal

At one forward spot, Scottie Pippen

At the other forward, The Worm Dennis Rodman


G- John Paxson  G- Ron Harper  G- Derek Fisher  G- Steve Kerr

Paxson's clutch outside shooting beat the Lakers and the Suns

Paxson finished off the Lakers and the Suns with his clutch outside shooting

Harper's defense and versatility helped Jackson win titles for the Bulls and Lakers

Harpers's defense and versatility helped Jackson win titles for the Bulls and Lakers

D Fish in the clutch for the 2009 Lakers

Kerr took over Paxson's role as outside shooter in the Bulls' 2nd 3peat

F – Toni Kukoc  F-  Lamar Odom  F- Robert Horry  F- Glen Rice

"The Waiter" served up outside shooting and assists to his Bulls teammates

Almost a decade later, another #7,Lamar Odom, another lefty, gave opponents matchup problems

A decade later, another #7 and another lefty, Lamar Odom, helped Jackson win a title.

"Big Shot Rob" in the clutch

Glen Rice helped Shaq and Kobe win their first crown

C- Pau Gasol  C- Horace Grant

The Nba Conquistador Pau Gasol of the Spanish Armada

Grant won 3 titles with the Bulls and helped LA win one more.

Honorable Mention:   BJ Armstrong, Rick Fox, AC Green, Bill Cartwright, Luc Longley, Will Perdue, Craig Hodges, Trevor Ariza,Cliff Levingston

Game time: Rodman rebounds the miss, passes to  Pippen who brings the ball down, he looks left and sees Jordan on the left block, Kobe on the right wing, Shaq in the middle. Who will he pass to? What a dilemma. Pip might average 20 assists a game with this lineup.

Once the starters build a sizeable lead against their foes, the second team comes in with two left handed and versatile forwards, The Waiter Toni Kukoc  and Lamar Odom. Brute force is replaced with finesse as Pau Gasol comes in. Defense and clutch outside shooting are provided by Ron Harper and John Paxson.

The third team,  comes in to finish the game. Composed mostly of outside shooters with unlimited range, Steve Kerr, and Derek Fisher at the guard spots, “Big Shot Bob” Robert Horry, Glen Rice at the wings and Horace Grant, a big guy who plays outside.

What a team. Arguments can be said that Jackson has been lucky to have elite players, but Red had Russell and Cousy, Riley had Magic and Jabbar, Daly had Isiah and Joe D., so why cant PhilJax have his?

One of the best clutch performances of all time, Pippen helping the flu-stricken Jordan after he defeated the Utah Jazz with an outstanding effort.

Rodman and Kukoc celebrate their 2nd championship together

Shaq and Kobe during happier times

Getting these star players to buy into a complicated offense/system like the triangle takes imagination,  creativity and lots of patience. Who will join these 15 players? Artest? Bynum? Morrisson?

Can you imagine these two in the same backcourt?

Will Jackson win his 11th ring in 2010?

Let’s wait and see. Agree or disagree with my choices, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

BTW, who do you like better, the Laker Girls or the LuvaBulls?

Great to be back… you know!!!


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