Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! Finally, my  first blog for the year. I actually intended to write about something last week, but for some reason, I just didn’t know what to write about. Well, now I do.

I’ll start with a short background on what I have finally decided to write about. Our family driver went on vacation, so which meant for the first 2 weeks of January, I was “excused” from office work, as I was to play the role of driver to my two boys, and occasionally to my daughter.  I was able to squeeze in some work that Juice asked me to do, and even spent a day interviewing applicants for our office. I envisioned myself writing entries for my blog while waiting in Starbucks Katipunan . As it turns out, yup, I did hang around Starbucks, but found myself playing Plants vs Zombies most of the time. Nghyahhh!!!!


My routine almost everyday then, would be waiting for the boys, then rush over to Reese’s school to pick her up. As we leave ADMU, the boys would assume their position for talking a nap, as they normally do. In this case, I would  tell them to make room for their sister, who also takes a nap while going home from school. So I pick up Reese around 20 minutes later, the boys asleep. She squeezes in the back seat lies down beside Zach. 5 minutes later, all 3 are fast asleep. While waiting at the intersection of Araneta and Aurora, I just looked at my 3 kids. Wow, I have got to be the luckiest guy around. I have a VERY patient, understanding and beautiful wife, who is also my best friend, and I have 3 wonderful kids. That’s when I decided to write about how I am looking forward to 2010. Life is great!!!  In my future blog, I’ll write about a review of 2009, and some great luck and memories I had, but for now, I just want to write about how great 2010 has been to me, this early into the year.

On New Year’s eve, the entire family was on hand for fireworks, food and fun. Reese though lasted until 11:30pm, but fell asleep. We welcomed 2010 with a bang!!!

Sparks still fly when I am with Juice

Parang entrance ng WWE.....

Coby seems sad 2009 is gone....

Sleeping Beauty....

Coby's first champagne

Juice and her mini-me Zach celebrating 2010

My first and probably best news (so far) that reached me has been concerned our company Creative Juice . We finally got word from the SEC that we (CJ) are the “proper” owners of the name Creative Juice and that the other company having the same name has to cease and desist using that name. Wow. The underdog has it’s day. Aside from that, a prominent company for hygiene hired us to handle their mall events this year.. Our first major event under our company is going full blast on March. Expo Kid promises to be a fun filled event, hope you guys can go. There have been inquiries for events, prospective new clients this January, for events later in the year. My partner has been really working hard, and we are being rewarded. My family is blessed to have her.

See You In Rockwell!!!

Two of my friends from GB via Canada are coming home both carrying good news. Fino and wife Rochelle are visiting and she brings news that she is pregnant with twins. Terry will be arriving in May with his fiancée to get married. Good news indeed as our GB family is growing.

On the sporting side of life, I started the year with good friends Reggie and Nelson, we of the FAG 4 (short for Fabulous Golfers 4, or Friends At Golf 4) minus Al. (He of the 6 handicap) We teed off at Navy at 6:30am, finished our front 9 at 8am. We had a first in our golf game, all 3 of us scored pars on hole number 5, albeit in a variety of ways. I had a regulation par, Reg chipped from the fringe, and 1 putt to save his par, while Nelson blasted his way from the bunker, and also 1 putt his way to par. (And the crowd goes wild!!!) After 4 holes of wild play, I settled down after this hole and scored pars, bogeys and had a couple of doubles, but no triples. My two playing partners were more consistent throughout. Reggie, playing his new Hybrid set of clubs for the first time was playing great considering, it was his literally his first time to try out his new set. Nelson was hitting the ball long as usual, and his short game was great. We finished around 10am, and when the scores were handed in, we all broke a 100. Nelson scored a 93, while Reg and I turned in identical scores of 96. Oh, what might have been. If Reg had actually practiced with his new set, he might have scored less, while, if I had played my 1st four holes better, I surely would have scored lower. Nevertheless, we were all happy to welcome 2010 with all of us scoring under a 100. Reggie has a blog called The Duffer, please visit the site.

Posing, as usual

And again......

Yet again..........

Reggie at the 15th hole

Nelson's turn at the 15th

Polly was giving me advise how to get "birdies."

Apparrently, she was giving advice to Nelson too....

The Prince and the Frog

Further good news happened in the sporting side of my life as the Ateneo Basketball League kicked off during the weekend.  I have two teams, one is in the seniors division, (40yrs old and above) while one is my “fun” team. My senior division team, Team Ijares, is 2-0, Team Adolfo (formerly Team Yap) is 1-1.  Last year, my second team had a grand total of 1 (one) win last year, and that came at the last game of the season. This year with a couple of new faces, we wanted to modestly double our win total last year. We were all loose and had modest expectations as the game started. In our 1st game,  Lo and behold we built a big lead at the start of the 4th quarter and never looked back. We won by 13 points,and it felt great to be playing with old warriors Andrew Marcelo and Nelson, who were playing their first ABL game in 5 years. We already achieved our goal halfway.  We lost our second game though, but by just a mere 3 points.

More good news, my family and I are ready for our adventure by end of this month, please wish us luck.

It is the Year of the Tiger. I hope all of us will have ONE BIG ROAR in 2010. Rawwwr!!!!

Can I just add, husay kumuha litrato ni Reggie……………

Photos taken at Malarayat On Dec,2009 by Reggie Nolido

Lastly. I liked this video, its all the hits of 2009.

Click here. Enjoy!!!!


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