Potted Potter! The best way to spend 70 minutes.

I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books. Not a die hard one, but a casual fan who knows what a muggle is, or what snoggin’ means, or  where the Hogwarts express can be found.  I am a big fan of improv/stand up comedy. My favorite improv show is Who’s Line Is It Anyway?,hosted by Drew Carrey. I am also a big fan of Gabe Mercado and SPIT, or Silly Peoples Improv Theater.  My favorite stand up comics are Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and our very own Jokoy. What do you get when you mix improve/standup comedy and Harry Potter? Potted Potter!

Though not really an improv nor stand up show, it is a parody of the Harry Potter series of books. My son Zach and I were priveledged enough to watch opening night last night at RCBC theater. As we got to our seats . our attention was diverted to the stage which featured three covered pieces of stage sets, and one of the actors sitting in the corner, “reviewing”  one of the HP books. While waiting for the theatre to fill up, another man dressed in a black shirt was walking around welcoming, talking to the people in their seats. I quickly learned he was one of the actors also. He approached Zach and me and introduced himself as Jesse.  After some small talk, he mentioned that he was nervous. I told him Filipinos are quick to warm up and not to worry. I also volunteered Zach that if he needed a volunteer to call him. He replied by saying he just might do that.  He quickly shook our hands and we wished him luck.

That’s Gary on the left side “reviewing” before the start of the show


The fun started around 7:45pm and what fun it was! True to their word they went over the entire 7 books in over 70 minutes! Gary played the straight man to Jesse’s outrageous comments, characters and shenanigans. In Filipino vernacular, Jesse was Dolphy to Gary’s Panchito.

Jesse playing one of the characters to Gary’s Harry Potter

Without giving away too much, Gary,  played the part of Harry Potter 90% of the time. The other 10%, well you have to watch it, but it involved the death of a character and the golden snitch. Jesse played the rest of the characters and then some. He also played the referee as the whole audience played Quidditch! Yup, we played quidditch. The audience was divided into Slytherin and Gryffindors. Jesse asked for volunteers to play the seeker. (At the meet and greet, he said was actually looking for Zach, but couldn’t find him,so he picked another person) We lost though to Slytherin.

So on and on they went, 2 brilliant comedic actors, sometimes add libbing, much to the delight of the audience and obviously to one another. They started and ended each book, as the crowd howled in approval.

Two brilliant and talented performers!

After the show, they had a meet and greet and were truly likable guys.

I want to tell you so much and share what I watched, but I don’t want to deprive you guys the pleasure of watching for  yourselves. I really liked it that they took time out to incorporate some Filipino references, like ‘Boracay”, “Walis tingting” and even “Ateneo.”

They have a limited run of 10 shows only all the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre in RCBC Plaza. So please, if you want to truly have  tons of fun and laughter, catch Potted Potter!

During the meet and greet, Jesse was gracious enough to pose for a pic. Too bad Gary was really busy.

But we got his autograph

Of course, we got Jesse’s autograph, and check out  his dedication to Zach.

As I Post this blog, I am sure the talented duo is currently keeping the audiences laughing and having fun while doing so. Mabuhay!

(Some images taken from FaceBook page of Potted Potter)