I’m Back Again! With Sports GNews!

Welcome back. Haha! It’s been more than a year since i wrote on my blog. Why start again, well for one thing, now I have time, or shall i say found time to write. Secondly, i just missed writing and telling you stories.

Lots of interesting things have happened since personally since my last blog.
We moved to a new home in Pasig,  I am now the dad to two teenagers (15&13), one is in 2nd year in AHS, while the other is graduating from grade school. My youngest, my daughter started  with the K to 12 program.
So many stories to share let me start with sports, my favorite topic.

The Recent NBA draft had me reminiscing about previous NBA drafts.

Anthony Davis was selected #1 overall in what is considered to be a deep draft. Will he be the next Patrick Ewing, Tim Duncan, or Blake Griffin? Big men who were chosen #1 overall and who made an impact in the league. Or will he join the likes of Pervis Ellison, Michael Olowakandi and Kwame Brown who were complete busts ?

Coincidentally,  the NBA draft also made me think about the PBA draft. The NBA draft lottery and the PBA draft started the same year in 1985. Here is a side by side comparison of those chosen number one overall.

I wanted to have more fun so I highlighted the players who has had a better impact in the league, to their respective teams and who has had a better career.

                                  NBA                                                                                 PBA
1985   Patrick Ewing Georgetown-New York Knicks             Sonny Cabatu-Lyceum- Shell
1986   Brad Daugherty- North Carolina-Cleveland Cavs         Rey Cuenco- Arellano-Alaska
1987    David Robinson- Navy- San Antonio Spurs                   Allan Caidic- UE- Great Taste
1988  Danny Manning- Kansas- LA Clippers                           Jack Tanuan- FEU- Purefoods
1989  Pervis Ellison- Louisville- Sacramento Kings                   Benjie Paras- UP- Shell Helix
1990 Derrick Coleman-Syracuse-NJ Nets                         Peter Jao-USJ-R- Great Taste Coffee
1991 Larry Johnson-UNLV- Charlotte Hornets                    Alejandro Araneta-Ateneo- Alaska
1992 Shaquille O’Neal- LSU- Orlando Magic                       Vergel Meneses-JRU-Presto Tivoli
1993 Chris Webber – Michigan- Orlando Magic              Zandro Limpot Jr.-DLSU-Sta. Lucia
1994 Glen Robinson – Purdue- Milwaukee Bucks            Noli Locsin-DLSU-  La Tondeña
1995 Joe Smith -Maryland- Golden State Warriors            Dennis Espino-UST-Sta. Lucia
1996 Allen Iverson-Georgetown-Philadelphia 76ers    Marlou Aquino-Adamson-Gordon’s
1997 Tim Duncan-Wake Forest-San Antonio Spurs         Andy Seigle- New Orleans- Mobiline
1998 Michael Olowakandi- Pacific- La Clippers              Danny Ildefonso-NU-San Miguel
1999 Elton Brand –Duke-  Chicago Bulls                            Sonny Alvarado- Texas- Tanduay
2000 Kenyon Martin- Cincinnati-NJ Nets                           Paolo Mendoza-UP-Sta. Lucia
2001 Kwame Brown-Glynn  HS-Washington Wizards       Willie Miller-Letran-Red Bull
2002 Yao Ming-China-Houston Rockets                               Yancy de Ocampo-St. Francis-FedEx
2003 LeBron James-St. Mary HS-Cleveland Cavs                Mike Cortez-DLSU- Alaska
2004 Dwight Howard-SACA HS-Orlando Magic                      Rich Alvarez-Ateneo-Shell
2005 Andrew Bogut-Univ of  Utah-Milwaukee Bucks                  Jay Washington-Eckerd-Air 21
2006 Andrea Bargnani-Italy-Toronto Raptors                     Kelly Williams-Oakland-Sta. Lucia
2007 Greg Oden-Ohio St. Portland TrailBlazers                           Joe Devance-UTEP- Welcoat
2008 Derrick Rose-Memphis-Chicago Bulls       Gabe Norwood-George Mason-Rain or Shine
2009 Blake Griffin-Oklahoma-La Clippers                         Japeth Aguilar-WKU- Burger King
2010 John Wall- Memphis- Washington Wizards              Nonoy Baclao-Ateneo- Air 21
2011 Kyrie Irving- Duke- Cleveland Cavs                              JV Casio- DLSU- Powerade
2012 Anthony Davis- Kentucky- New Orleans Hornets         Greg Slaughter-Ateneo- ????
  • The results. NBA- 17 PBA- 5 Tie-5
  • Some matchups were total mismatches and had obvious winners  (’85,’88,’89,’91,’92,’93,’97,’98,2000,’01-’04,’06,’08-’11)
  • The ties were interesting: 1987 featured 2 excellent game changers who play different positions. The Admiral vs The Triggerman. Both mvps, both left handed lethal scorers and both champions. 1990– Coleman, talented headcase, Apet Jao, who was this guy? I remember him as a tweener, too slow for a small forward, not a huge scorer to play off guard. Both were disappointments. 1999 -Brand vs Alvarado. I call this a tie because Brand posts numbers but really hasn’t made much of an impact. Alvarado made huge waves when he came into the league forming an imposing frontline with Eric Menk. It all turned sour when he was exposed as a Fil- Sham, as he had no Filipino lineage. 2005– Bogut and Washington. Two brilliant players, if healthy. Injuries have hampered their careers, and have had few shining moments. 2007- Greg Oden and Joe Devance. Much was expected after stellar amateur careers. As pros, Oden has been injured while Devance, while putting up respectable numbers, hasn’t been the star the league thought he will be.
  • Top 5 best NBA top lottery choices: O’neal, Duncan, Ewing, Iverson, James. Top 5 busts: Brown,Olowakandi,Ellison,Smith,Oden.

My top 5 NBA #1 Overall picks since the lottery began

My top 5 NBA #1 Overall worst picks since the lottery began

  • PBA top 5 best: Paras, Caidic, Meneses,Miller,Williams. Top 5 busts: Cabatu, Jao,Tanuan, de Ocampo, Mendoza

PBA top 5 best # 1 overall picks since the draft lottery

PBA top 5 worst # 1 overall picks since the draft lottery

NBA or PBA drafting is not an exact science. Teams spend on research and scouting. At the end of the day, it’s still fifty fifty chance of bust or boom. Who among the current crop of US NCAA collegians is the next star? Who among the NCAA or UAAP will change the PBA?


I am very happy for Fil Am Coach Eric Spoelestra. We can only imagine the stress he goes through managing the minutes (and egos) of these NBA players. Good job and congratulations Coach Spo. Mabuhay ka! I bet San Miguel Beer will get him to do a beer ad.

Erik-Spoelstra Big-three

Erik-Spoelstra With the Big-three

Some numbers of note from the Miami Heat’s 121-106 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the 2012 Finals, giving the Heat their second championship: (taken from NBA.com)

  • LeBron James became the 14th player to win a championship in the same year he won the MVP award. The last was Tim Duncan in 2003.
  • James tied a postseason career high with 13 assists in Game 5.
  • The Heat are the first NBA champion to have trailed three in three of their playoff series. They were down 2-1 to Indiana, 3-2 to Boston, and 1-0 to Oklahoma City.
  • The Heat became the third team to sweep the middle three Finals games at home since the 2-3-2 format came into play in 1985. The others were the 2004 Pistons and the 2006 Heat.
  • The Heat’s 14 3-pointers in Game 5 tied a Finals record, set in the 1995 Finals by both the Rockets and Magic.
  • Game 5 was the first time in the 2012 postseason in which James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade each scored 20 or more points.
  • Juwan Howard won his first title in his 18th season. The only player to go more seasons before wining his first championship was Kevin Willis, who won with the Spurs in 2003, his 19th season. (Howard is the only member of the famous Michigan Fab Five to get a championship ring)
  • The Thunder won Game 1 and then lost the next four games. It was their first four-game losing streak since April of 2009.

Congratulations to Miami and Oklahoma for a well played series!

Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions

Sinong big three gusto niyo?


NBA Gnews………

             Hi all. welcome to my 2nd entry into the blogging world. This time, I want to talk about the NBA. The playoffs will start this week, and I want to give out my own predictions. I want to bring out my inner Butch Maniego, Quinito Henson and Bill Velasco. Everyone is an expert, so I may as well pretend to be one. What qualifes me to be an expert? What qualifies Andy Jao. He practically disrespects Julius Erving,(and all doctors) by allowing himself to be called Doctor J. (Wam poynt lid by the Lakersh, with Vlade Divak with the ball, Larry Hudiyes stills it. Haay!!! Classic Andy Jao. ) But hey, he is entertaining and seems like a nice guy. Peace tayo Doctor J. Let’s see. Hmmm, I’ve been playing basketball for almost 4 decades, following the NBA since the 80’s, buying and reading practically all the NBA magazines or Sports Illustrated for quite some time now and  I’ve been watching the NBA, from the FEN days up to today’s Btv. Good enough credentials I say. Heheheh. On to the predictions for the Eastern Conference! 


1st Round: #1 Cleveland vs #8 Detroit                                                                                                                                                                Even if Allen Iverson returns to play for Detroit in the playoffs, I still think Cleveland will overwhelm the Pistons. Lebron will be too much even for Tayshun Prince. He may contain or limit him, but he will need to do so for at least 3 games for the Pistons to have a shot. I don’t think that will happen. Even if they find a way to do so, Mo Williams, D. West and even Anderson Varejao will be too young and athletic for Sheed, Rip and company. Cavs in 5. cavs1




#2 Boston vs #7 Chicago- Even if Kevin Garnett is banged up, Chicago’s young guns will have a hard time going up against the Celtics. The point guard matchup is interesting with Rajon Rando going up against Derrick Rose, but that’s the only thing worth seeing for me in this series, unless you are a Celtics fan, which in this case means you will enjoy seeing the Celts sweep the Bulls. 4-0




#3 Orlando vs # 5 Philadelphia- The Sixers will not have an answer to Dwight Howard. He will thoroughly dominate the inside and intimidate the Sixers on defense. Over the last few games, the Magic’s outside shooting suffered when Rashard Lewis went into a slump, and Hedo Turkolu sprained his ankle. If they shoot poorly from outside, the 2 Andres, Miller and Iguaodala will take advantage and crowd the paint. Here is my upset special in the 1st round. The Magic lost 3 out of 4 games heading into the playoffs, and this might have shaken their confidence. Sixers in 6 close matches.





#4 Atlanta vs # 5 Miami- The Hawks will have too many weapons, Joe Johnson, J Smooth, Al Horford, Flip Murray, Marvin Williams. The Heat will counter with Dwayne Wade, only Wade. Jermaine O’Neal is not the same,Mario Chalmers and Mike Beasley too young, too inexperienced. Too bad, I would have liked to see LBJ and DWade go up aginst each other in the 2nd round, but it’s not gonna happen. Hawks in 5






#1 Cleveland vs #4 Atlanta – This should be a high flying series. Josh Smith vs Lebron, who will rule the skies? Mike Bibby vs Mo Williams, Z vs Al, D. West vs Joe Cool,Flip vs Boobie off the bench. Ultimately, Lebron will be too much for the Hawks. Their D will make Bibby and Johnson shoot poorly.Marvin Willians and the Hawk bench will be MIA. Cavs in 6.





#2 Boston vs #6 Philadelphia- A well rested Kevin Garnett will be the nightmare the Sixers will see. KG will dominate the lane much like Dwight Howard will do in the 1st round, but the Celtics will have the Truth and Ray Allen to help the Big Ticket. Mismatch. Sixers will be swept by the Celts. Their second series sweep in a row.





EASTERN FINALS: A rematch of last years conference semifinals. This year the Cavs are older, wiser,better. The Celtics are just older, maybe wiser, but definitely not better than last year. Mo Williams vs Rajon Rondo will be the match up to watch. The Celt will make Lebron bleed for his points. Paul Pierce will have the daunting task of guarding LBJ, so his offense might suffer a bit. Last year, the bench had James Posey as their stopper, PJ Brown provided the veteran leadership along with Sam Cassel. This year they have no one.Powe and Glen Davis might help, but the Marbury and Mikki Moore projects haven’t worked out.The Cavs will have Gibson, Joe Smith, Wally World, Pavlovic and JJ Hickson.  This will tell on the Celts. Celtic pride will make this a competitive series, but the Cavs have the confidence and swagger. They  will dethrone the Celtics this year. Cavs in 6.





 Next Gnews will be on my Western Conference predictions. Thanks for reading. Leave your own predictions, violent reactions, etc.